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[commit Po!] I went to talk with those who live production #comipo

■[Comi-Po!] we live talk by author@Shinjuku Loft+1

March 10, At the Shinjuku Loft PLUSONE, "[Comi-Po!] those who live talk show produced by" knowledge is made, I went.
By the time you arrive to the site immediately because the entrance was already opened. Already half of the seats before the start at 19 and are now buried in full.

From the entrance into a little place, "Comi-Po!" and books, VOCALOID products were sold and
This item was sold out about success.

When it was 19, he chaired the event starts Mr.Urashima. Several talk of putting an alcohol that is said to charm (laughs)

comi02.jpgFrom right,Mr.Urashima, Mr.Tanaka, Mr.Ono, Mr.Saikai, and Mr.Imazaki

comi03.jpgContinuously exposed, "Comi-Po! " the proposal.

comi04.jpg"The concept was originally produced and without change, "said Tanaka.

comi05.JPGPrototype version was released at last "Comi-Po! ". Initially, the background roar into the 3D modeling was learned that the venue.

comi06.jpgWas possible to change the size of the heart of the character further. Further stir the venue (laughs)

comi07.JPGAfter the break, Ito (center), Mr.Kantoku (middle left) welcomes the resumption.

comi08.jpg"designed to let you free, " said Kantoku this.

comi09.jpg"Comi-Po! "Kantoku's illustration of the concept of right people, "said Tanaka.

comi10.jpg"The percent of the class-frame" commit Po! "can be utilized, " said Ito.

comi11.jpgNaka Uzita acclaimed "commit Po! " cartoon "alone. " It is said that authors who have never drawn a cartoon once.

comi12.jpg"The creation of the name" commit Po! "You'd like to use is" "really depicts it, " the name was better, "I said to be painful, " said Ito, Urashima's his story.

comi13.jpgFuture updates will be added to any other expression substantially, a mysterious character (pictured) will also be added. Naka Uzita autograph letters.

comi14.jpgOno said in answer to a question asked questions on Twitter or venue. Wanted to see more parts to add.

After this, Mr.Tanaka said Kantoku event of the tournament has ended scissors.

The people who have never drawn a cartoon "commit Po! " started the comic, using the time getting used to increasingly want to Oh, hit the people who developed the feeling that you want this, the range of expression can answer it Spread. "Komi Po! " grow with the consumer, I felt so at this event. Of the future "commit Po! " is expected to increase.


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