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Privacy policy
To inspect it by being relieved to the customer to observe the following protection policies strictly, it does one's best on the Comipo-Info site (Hereafter, it is said, ";This site";) that the [i-] feep center Ltd. (Hereafter, it is said, ";Our company";) manages. When this site is used, it is assumed the one the operator's being agreed as follows.

●About the collection of individual information
There is no what collects customer's individual information in the customer without permission on this site. Customer's individual information is collected on this site through various inquiries concerning Comipo-Info based on customer's intention.

●About the purpose of use of individual information
Our company uses service according to the demand of the customer of the guide concerning the guide and the adoption application of the answer and our service concerning the inquiry etc. for individual information collected on this site to offer it.

●About sharing individual information
As a rule, our company never offers the third party customer's individual information without the permission of the customer. However, it excludes in the following cases.
・When you consign a part of business to the business partner (The consignment ahead) after the secret maintenance contract is exchanged
・There is the customer's permission, and when a content of registration or individual information is offered and disclosed to the other companies, it
・When it is admitted that it is necessary so that customer's act may protect other customers and our right, property, and service, etc. against the agreement for use and the guideline, etc.
・When it is necessary to indicate it based on the law

●About indication, the correction, and the deletion demands by the person in question of individual information
Please offer even our company when it registers when the demand of the correction, the update, and the deletion is generated in the much more about the kept content of individual information. Information after I am allowed to confirm it is a person in question is corrected, updated, and it deletes it. Moreover, our company doesn't owe the return obligation of any medium of registered information afterwards when the deletion is hoped.

●About the access log file
Information in the access is recorded in shape of access log on this site. The access log is not the one that the kind and the access date etc. of the domain name, Internet Protocol address in the access, and a browser used are included including information that can specify the individual. It is never used for the purpose of the rest though the access log is used for the maintenance of this site and the statistical analysis on the use state. Moreover, the access log is not disclosed as a rule.

●About cookie
The data that identifies the computer that the customer uses that is called cookie (cookie) might be sent to inspect it more conveniently when the customer uses this site again, and it record on the hard disk. The cookie doesn't identify the customer individual.

●About the link excluding our company Web site
As for the protection of customer's individual information etc. , on the Web site of setting from this site, our company doesn't assume the responsibility. Please refer to the content of the individual information handling of linked Websites Web site for the collection of individual information done on linked Websites Web site.

●About the management of individual information
I will protect and manage individual information on the customer who collected through this site strictly after reasonable safety management measures is taken for the preventions of the leakage, the falsification, unlawful computer access, and the loss, etc.Moreover, close attention is paid so that the disappearance of data, the misuse, unauthorized use, making public or neither modification nor destruction may happen, company training concerning protection of individual information is executed, and the system of management of individual information is strengthened further.

●About the change in the privacy policy and the notification
Our company might change the content of this privacy policy if necessary in observing various laws concerning protection of individual information without a prior previous notice. The report cannot be done to the customer, and refer to the latest content of this page, please when you use it.

●Inquiry concerning handling of individual information
Please contact the following when the opinion and questioning on the handling of individual information etc.

●Complaint and chat channel concerning individual information
1F Kagurazaka-88 Bldg., 10 Tenjincho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, 162-0017, Japan

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