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Site policy
Please acknowledge the following each matter when the 【ComiPo! Info】 official site (Hereafter, it is said, ";This site";) that the [COMIPO-INFO] (Hereafter, it is said, ";Our company";) manages is used. Moreover, the use condition of this site might be changed without a prior previous notice. The report cannot be done to the customer, and refer to the latest content of this page, please when you use it.

About the inspection environment

1. About recommended a browser
To inspect and to use this site comfortably, I will recommend the following browsers. When producing, it displays it by a browser. It might not be correctly displayed that the difference is not in operation in externals in a part of old browser, the beta version, and the preview version, etc. though it works.

Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 or more :: The upgrade of a browser :. Here>>>
Mozilla Firefox 1.5 or more: The upgrade of a browser :. Here>>>
Opera 9.0 or more: The upgrade of a browser :. Here>>>
Mozilla Firefox 1.5 or more: The upgrade of a browser :. Here>>>
Apple Safari 3.1 or more: The upgrade of a browser :. Here>>>
Opera 9.0 or more: The upgrade of a browser :. Here>>>
2.About JavaScript
There is a page that uses JavaScript on this site. Neither the function nor the display might operate correctly when JavaScript is invalidated because of the browser setting used. Please have JavaScript's being made effective by the browser setting when this site is used.

3.About various plug-ins
There are contents using animation, animation, and PDF, etc. on this site. These contents can be used by installing the following plug-in software.

【PDF files】
ADobe Reader (free of charge) is needed. :The download of Adobe ReaderHere>>>
【FLASH files】
Adobe Flash Player (free of charge) is needed. :The download of Adobe Flash PlayerHere>>>

About the copyright
The copyright that lies all contents and books (document and material, etc.) on our web site and other rights belong to our company and the informer. These contents and book are protected by the copyright said to the Copyright Law of Japan and the Copyright Law of the agreement and another country, and cannot be used exceeding the range of private use. Moreover, it is forbidden to supply it to the third party's use without the permission of the person entitled irrespective of the method such as the modification, the reproduction, the lease, the loan, sales, publication, the transmissions, and broadcasting hard. However, a condition concerned is given to priority when an individual use condition is fixed to an individual book.

About the link banner and linked Websites
After the following notes are linking basically confirmed though it is free, I hope this site.

Wrong information cannot be presented for service or the product that this site provides.
I will refuse the link from the website including the content that slandering slanders the service that our company and related companies, etc. provide hard.
This site specifies or cannot suggest the effect to recommend the site or the service and the product.
The trademark etc. and the service mark cannot be used without the permission of this site.
It is not the one to guarantee the content of information and the service, etc. of the website that things except this site that have been linked from this site manage. Moreover, it doesn't assume the responsibility about the result that the customer downloaded in linked Websites at all.
I will publish illegal contents (Contents that have an illegal possibility are included), and refuse the link from the website with the possibility of participation in an illegal activity (The activity that has an illegal possibility is included) or taking part hard. Please acknowledge that any modification is not admitted beforehand when the banner is used.

【Exemption matters】
They are not the one that the becoming it guarantee also does the squid for the content except suitability to the accuracy, utility, the certainty, and safety and the particular purpose though our company is doing the examination and the confirmation work enough when information is published in this site. Even if some damage occurs because of the use for contents etc. by any chance, our company doesn't assume the responsibility at all.
Our company interrupts or might discontinue it as it changes or it discontinues or a previous notice of the management of the website doesn't exist without a previous notice of the composition, the use condition, URL, and contents etc. of the web site. Our company is not very related, and doesn't assume the responsibility of the reason of any damage caused by the interruption of the operation of these changes and these websites or discontinuance.
Content of third party's web site (Hereafter, it is called, ";Link site";) other than our company that is putting the link on this this site from this site are the one managed respectively by the responsibility of each company, and no one under our management. Moreover, it is not the one to mean there is a special relation to cooperate between our company and the link site. Our company wants to cause by the content of the link site and those use or doesn't assume the responsibility of the becoming it damage.

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